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Backyard Chickens  One of the oldest sites for how to do raising chickens in your backyard, reliable factual information.
Deworming Chickens - one person's solution
Feeding your Chickens - Do's and Don'ts

Laying Hen versus Not Laying Hen 

diagram courtesy of Bitchin' Chickens Farm

Al Lumnah and his family has a daily Youtube channel on how they are raising their chickens, goats and modern homesteading - very very helpful and educational.

Lumnah Acres (Egg Yolk City)

Making and Mixing your own Chicken Feed
Muddy Chicken Run - Make a French Drain
Muddy Chicken Run - Quick Fix using wood chips
Raising your own Meal Worm farm at home for Chicken feed
Using Deep Bedding in a smal coop

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