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From one of our Chicken groups:

My neighbors have cats and dogs. They come into my yard all the time. My chickens crossed the property line into their yard and they are pissed. Like seriously your cats keep shitting in my yard and garden, and my chickens come over and you throw a fit. 2 can play this game. When I ask why its ok for his animals to go anywhere but not ok for mine he said "we've lived here longer" still not ok. So today is the last day my chickens will free range to keep him happy. So I will do my part and keep my chickens locked up 24/7. What shall I do about his cats? Ugh, sorry for the rant. Its just not fair that he feels its not a problem.


Excerpts of suggestions from members:


  • I just eventually put up the money to install a fence. 1000$ well spent bc now I have goats too
  • Good fences make good neighbors
  • Unfortunately most animal control doesn’t do squat about cats. They are a huge nuisance.
  • My thoughts....fence your yard..keep your birds in and their cats and dogs out.... Then who cares who been there the longest...Our whole property is fenced..you'd never know it
  • Don't blame the cats because they have a crappy owner. Just let them know you will trap their cats if they can't keep them in their house/yard.
  • Set traps for the cats on your property and then take them to the local animal control and let them notify your neighbor
  • Next time you see the cats in your yard take a pic with your phone and send it to him.
  • Make a temporary fence that you can move around your property and then scare the crap out of the cats when you find them in your yard
  • Put cayenne pepper all over your yard after you put your chickens up. The cats will not come back after they come in contact with it.
  • Put out live traps! Take them to shelter !
  • Motion detection sprinkler. I'd also recommend security cameras just in case things get heated.
  • Call animal control


Reply from original poster:

Can't put up fence as we live in a flood plain and fence block the flow of water when it floods.


This is not accurate information, being in flood plain does not preclude a property owner from installing fences on their property lines.  County or Town zoning restrictions and permitting can come into play, but owning property in a flood zone does not make it illegal to install fencing on your own property.

Our suggestions:

Here is a different view. Rather than being pissed off and assuming they should be tolerant of your chickens: all farmers know the adage the Good Fences Make Good Neighbors. If you want to keep chickens in an area where the neighbors are that close to you with their cats and dogs, it is on you to make the fences a: contain your chickens, including if need be, clipping wings and B: repel outside ground-based animals from entering your property. Assuming these folks are going to be your neighbors for a long while, and that you do not want to move away, this will go a ways towards mending the neighbors tolerance levels. You really do not want to live in a hate relationship with your closest neighbors. Those who have done that know what it is like and may perhaps comment with their own wise advice. #CommonSenseFarming


Do Chickens need heat lamps in winter? No.

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